Jobs and Samples of our Jobs – Marble Restoration

Our work – Marble Restoration and polishing on ships and yachts.

Marble Restoration is always driven by the flawless and perfect result. We can restore all types of damage including marble, tiles and mosaics, with results that are sure to leave you speechless!

Our company has 45 years of experience in polishing marbles, mosaics in homes – commercial spaces, etc.

We also have over 15 years of expertise in the field of marble restoration and renovation on private yachts.

The experience we gained on the boats:

Suerte – Faribana – ladysaria Alexander – ElSalam – Tueq

Rio Rita, oval,

they can assure you that working with us will be flawless.

We are sure that you will surround us with your trust,

which can be enhanced by information that our customers will be willing to give you.

Γυάλισμα μαρμάρων σε πλοία

Countertop and sink

Γυάλισμα μαρμάρων σε πλοία

Toilet floor on yacht

Γυάλισμα μαρμάρων σε πλοία

Deck table

Γυάλισμα μαρμάρων σε πλοία

Interior table

Γυάλισμα μαρμάρων σε πλοία

Bathroom sink on yacht

Γυάλισμα μαρμάρων σε πλοία

Countertop on a ship

Γυάλισμα μαρμάρων σε πλοία

Yacht washbasin

Γυάλισμα μαρμάρων σε πλοία

Interior yacht stairs

Γυάλισμα μαρμάρινης μπανιέρας
Νυπτήρας μαρμάρινος γυάλισμα
luxury yacht marble polishing
Γυάλισμα μαρμάρων σε πλοία
polishing marbles luxury yacht
Γυάλισμα μαρμάρων σε πλοία

The quality of our work can easily be seen from the reviews of our customers after the end of our services. You can also see them here. We specialize in all types of marbles, mosaics and tiles. In addition, we undertake their complete restoration, jointing and insulation, polishing and waterproofing, in professional and domestic areas. In addition, we also undertake ships, as well as yachts and yachts. In addition, with our innovative techniques, we avoid the creation of dust, so there is no reason to move the things that are in your space.

With passion, experience as well as family tradition, for over 50 years we have used all the special techniques for quality and excellent work at very reasonable prices.

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