Marble Polishing for Boats, Yachts and Cruise Ships

Marble Polishing, Restoration and Refinishing for Boats and Yachts.


Our Boat Marble Restoration Services

Γυάλισμα μαρμάρων σε πλοία

Marble Polishing

Experienced technicians will restore the lost shine out of your marble floors and surfaces.

Γυάλισμα μαρμάρων σε πλοία

Marble Repair

We will take care of your cracked and damaged marble floors and stairs, or countertops.

Γυάλισμα μαρμάρων σε πλοία

Marble Restoration

As time goes by, wear and tare shows more and more. Let us restore it for you.



Standards of Service

We use state of the art techniques like diamond polishing pads. So we bring back the original appearance of the marble floor and countertops in your boat or yacht.





A thing of beauty is a joy forever

We restore marbles, stain management and crack repair, polishing and grinding,

color enhancing, color sealing, etch removal, stone restoring and refinishing, tile

and grout cleaning.

Quality and tested materials

Guarantee quality workmanship

Quick and efficient

We clean up after by ourselves

We are discreet and punctual


We are number 1 in preference

We all know that marble floors and countertops suffer wear and tear and it is of great importance to know how to maintain any marble surface. In fact, regular

activities may remove the luster, sheen and shine from the marble surface, making it appear dull. So this is where we can help you with our exceptional

marine marble polishing service. If you need solutions that promise to bring back the lost shine, then you're in the right place. We are committed to

provide you the finish that you expect. Furthermore with our proven expertise, understanding and dedication, we effectively bring out the highest potential of

natural stone flooring and counter tops. We are family owned and operated with many years of experience, so call us right away!

Marble Restoration Yacht uses state of the art techniques like diamond polishing pads to bring back the original appearance of the marble floor and countertops in

your boat or yacht. We use diamond grinding and high quality stone polishing pads, polishing powders and other machinery to remove the dullness, etching and staining

that occurred over time on the marble floors and countertops. We apply stone color enhancer which seals the surface of the stone and add in much more

protection. To produce the shine, we use polishing powder, which removes any haze left on your floors. Our marine marble polishing services are directed to

bring back the natural shine and color to your marble floor.

Call us today for more information on how we can help you with marine marble polishing!

We have the expertise to:

  1. To make no mess.
  2. To make no mess.
  3. Bring marble back to life.
  4. Huge variety of old and rare, Greek or foreign marble slabs for replacement.

Customer Reviews

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the excellent work, our 50-year-old sink has been 'dug' by the years and the 'barbaric' cleaners. The new marble that was placed in the trough tied beautifully.Also, the joints were repaired and the bench was polished, which now looks like it is new! And all this without a trace of dust! I highly recommend it.

Papadaki Marianna, Feb 18, 2022

Customer Reviews

My name is Nikos Koutsopanos and my phone number is 6932-972160. I found Giannis on the internet, I trusted your reviews and I called him to restore me a VERY worn marble sink and an abandoned balcony that was missing pieces of marble and the mosaic was cared for decades.

The result is AMAZING !!!

Excellent job, no dust, consistent in his appointments and during work but, most importantly for me, a VERY NICE MAN!

Very good and its price although for me at least it is not the most important in a collaboration.

John, thank you very much !!!

Koutsopanos Nick, May 16, 2021

Customer Reviews

John was very consistent in the appointment we had given for the maintenance of a marble sink in which he did a very good job.

Well-meaning and good carpenter without dust and great maneuver!

Akis, Dec 8, 2021


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It’s beauty as nature intended.

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